About Us

The AIA-English Track school is one of the three schools opened by the Arab International Academy in the fall of 2016.  English is the language of instruction in the English Track.


The Arab International Academy strives to adopt and implement international academic programs of high quality that are in alignment with its mission and vision. In addition, AIA developed the standards for all its subjects based on the standards of the Qatar Ministry of Education and Higher Education, the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and the American Education Reaches Out (AERO).  All students at AIA will take part in the IB program up to grade 10. In grade 11, students will choose between joining the IB Diploma Program or a school-based program that leads to a high school diploma.  The Qatar Ministry of Education and Higher Education recognises both of these diplomas.

The IB Programs aim to develop the whole person cognitively, socially, emotionally and physically. The PYP, MYP, and IB Diploma programs aim to help students develop the ability to face challenges with an open mind and to cultivate an awareness of their identity and culture with an understanding and acceptance of other cultures.

The IB program, as stated in its philosophy, helps students to become Inquirers, knowledgeable thinkers and communicators as well as principled, open minded, and caring risk takers who are balanced and reflective. Guided by these principles, an IB education:

  • Centers on learners
  • Develops effective approaches to teaching and learning
  • Works within global contexts
  • Explores significant content.

AIA is housed in a modern educational facility with a full complement of labs, gyms, sports fields, libraries, dedicated music and art rooms, and dining spaces. Furthermore, the school has outfitted the current building to support their goal of small learning communities and project-based learning in a collaborative environment. In pursuant of the goal of full integration of technology, they have also made sure to have the latest in technology for both the students and staff. That includes a staff of Instructional Technology Specialists who will work directly with students and teachers to provide support and instruction when needed.

Admission Information

The school is currently accepting applications for grades Preschool through Grade 8 in the English and Arabic Tracks. You can find the application and further information online.


Consult the fee schedule here.

Number of Teachers


Languages Spoken by Teachers

English, Arabic, French, Afrikaans, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Filipino, Irish National Langauge, Hindi, Urdu.

Opening Hours


7:10 am—2:35 pm


7:10 am—2:35 pm


7:10 am—2:35 pm


7:10 am—2:35 pm






7:10 am—2:35 pm

There is an afterschool program available from 2:35 pm until 3:35 pm.