Open since 2012, the Belgravia Centre for Education offers a wide range of IGCSE, AS and A2 courses. Their core ethos is to provide quality education with subjects taught by committed and outstanding teachers in a modern environment. The philosophy behind Belgravia is to provide a unique educational concept that moves away from the traditional school format creating a closer link towards university study.

At Belgravia, a team of experienced staff from the UK, who have a proven record of excellent exam results, offer your child every opportunity to succeed. Their care and dedication can be found not only during lessons but also via references, personal statements and through support of finding suitable university placements.

Belgravia promotes excellence through intellectual curiosity, instils creative thinking, shapes students that will challenge and question set ideas, and helps them develop independent thought and learning. These are the skills that will not only prepare your child for exams but will give them a head start at university. The flexibility of the Belgravia approach means that they tailor learning to suit your child’s needs.


British Curriculum AS/A2 Level Subjects

Maths, English Literature, English Language, Media, Business, Geography, Travel and Tourism, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History, Psychology, Spanish, ICT, Art, Applied Business, Photography, Afrikaans, Arabic

British Curriculum IGCSE Courses

English Language, English 2nd Language, Business, Geography, Travel and Tourism, Maths, Physics, ICT, Chemistry, Biology, Art