Corporate Training

The Berlitz language training courses are suitable for groups of employees from all types of business sectors. They are also ideal for project teams made up of members from various departments or firms.

– Tailor-made programs with the integration of industry jargon and technical terms when needed
– Learning speed and homogeneity of groups not affected by external participants
– Periodical checks conducted on learning progress through pedagogical reports and test procedures
– Participation verified through attendance reports

– Reasonably-priced and practical alternative to other forms of tuition/instruction

Kids and Teens

English and other languages would be taught the same way any first language is taught: by laughing, playing and eventually conversing. Songs, crafts, games and illustrations are used to build a child’s confidence in mastering the language; the teaching tools adapt accordingly for teenage students.

Why your children should become bilingual at an early age:

– Positive effects on intellectual growth, cognitive development and better mental development
– More flexibility in thinking, greater cultural sensitivity, and better ear for listening
– Ability to communicate with and appreciate new people from different backgrounds and cultures
– Head start in language requirements for university and higher education
– Better preparation for entry into the job market where knowing another language is a valuable asset