Dr Sarah’s Dental Centres has two luxurious state of the art Dental Centres. The British International Dental Centre is located in the prestigious Salam Tower with panoramic views of Doha’s corniche. Dr Sarah’s Specialist Dental Centre can be found by the new Al Waab City off Salwa Road. The dental centres feature the latest dental technology paving the way to a new generation of dentistry.

The centres have a  refreshingly modern approach to dental care, one that merges the latest state-of-the-art technology and techniques with high levels of professional and friendly service. The British International Dental Centre introduced the first Dental Spa to Qatar. Computerised crowns (crowns while you wait) and 3D radiographs using low dosage of radiation are available.

The centres place a strong emphasis on providing a safe and hygienic environment for the guests and staff. The cross-infection control is of the highest standards and includes the use of ‘B’ type sterilizers, which are top of the range. The dental chairs have a special water sterilization unit attached.

Microscopic Endodontics at British International Dental Centre
The British International Dental Centre uses the most advance techniques available including an operating microscope, patients benefit from the latest in endodontics. Operating Microscopes enables complicated root canal treatment to be treated more accurately and precisely.
The clinical benefits of using Microscopic Endodontics for Root Canal Treatments are:

– Treatment of complicated root canals
– Complex treatment of perforations
– Removal of separated files, posts, calcified canals and other obstructions 
– Successful retreatment of failed previously treated root canals
– Increased visual aid to locate small canals 
– Identifying tooth fractures
Laser Dentistry at Dr Sarah’s Specialist Dental Centre

Laser dentistry can cut weeks off of healing time and nearly eliminate pain associated with traditional dental services.

For many people, the word “comfortable” is the furthest thing from the mind when going into the dentist for a procedure. With laser dentistry at Dr.Sarah’s Dental Centres, even advanced dental services are low impact and much more comfortable. Newer technology means more precision and less healing time when it comes to  Gum lift smile makeover, treatment of snoring, gum disease treatments, root canal therapy, crown lengthening, and more.

Soft tissue dental lasers seldom require sutures, making procedures more comfortable for patients.With all the benefits and very few drawbacks, it is no wonder that so many are falling in love with laser dentistry. This new dentistry technique is becoming the standard at quality dental clinics like Dr.Sarah’s Dental Centres.

One visit crowns and Inlays
 Traditional restorative dentistry requires several visits, a rubbery impression in the mouth, a fragile temporary restoration, and a two-to-four week wait for the laboratory to fabricate the crown.

CEREC technology can provide you with porcelain restorations the same day, rather than having to wait weeks. The restoration is permanently bonded to your tooth. The end result is a ceramic restoration that looks and feels just like your natural teeth.

What are the advantages CEREC offers?

– Time saving. Usually only one visit to the clinic is required, as opposed to two trips for a traditional crown; this also reduces the number of local anaesthetic injections (shots) needed.
– Ceramic material is biocompatible high-grade, anti-abrasive and plaque-resistant
– No need for an impression which can be uncomfortable especially if you have a high gag reflex.
– The restoration is natural looking, as it is made out of tooth-coloured ceramic material
– Metal-free no silver-coloured fillings
– Allows dentist to save more of the healthy tooth so there is less drilling.
– Extremely precise

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