Al Bidda Park is Qatar’s largest park located in the heart of Doha, offering a wide range of activities to cater for all ages.

Al Bidda Park, which was previously known as Al Rumailah Park, was one of the oldest and most popular public destinations in the country before it closed in 2014 for renovation. The park reopened on 13 February 2018 – on the occasion of Qatar National Sport Day 2018 – with a total area of 2 mn sq m.

Al Bidda Park is Qatar’s first pet-friendly public park and has been chosen as one of the official fan zones for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. In addition, the park will host the International Horticultural Exhibition Expo Doha 2021.

The park includes large gymnasiums, including one for women, in addition to outdoor exercise equipment, sports, open and shaded playgrounds, an open-air theatre which can seat 850 spectators, as well as tracks for bicycles, horses and camels, water fountains, and other recreational and service facilities. In addition, activities in the park include biking, football, basketball, tennis, dog walking, bird watching and more.

Al Bidda Park includes a number of public service facilities, including underground parking spaces for approximately 6,000 cars.


Enjoy a pleasant barbecue in the park with family or friends. A designated barbecue area is located in three different parts of the park. There are at least 41 barbecue stations across the park, which need to be booked and rented. Starting 1 September, a fee was introduced for booking the stations, which is QAR50 for four hours (card payment only, strictly no cash). Booking timings are from 6 am – 10 am, 11 am – 3 pm, 4 pm – 8 pm, and 9 pm – closing time (midnight on weekdays and 2 am on weekends). Visitors are advised to present their payment invoice to security personnel upon arrival at the designated barbecue location booked by them.

Opening times: 6 am – 2 am

For more information or bookings, call 4428 7709 (Park Office – for Al Bidda and Al Rumailah areas) or 4428 7777 (Info Centre – for Wadi Al Sail area).


There are many landmarks across the park, both old and new. Qatar National Flag is located in the very centre of the park, standing tall with a 360˚ view of the park with a spectacular view overlooking the Doha skyline. The Water Plaza is where the fountains and cascades of water provide the perfect centrepiece for the park. The Amphitheater is the centre of all cultural activities in the park ranging from children’s entertainment, outdoor cinema, musical performances and even staging a final sporting event. Natural rock and Watchtower is one of the few exposed outcrops of natural stone in Doha, and the location provided an excellent strategic site for a watchtower. It is a reminder of the rich history of Qatar.


With over 1.7 mn sq m of vast and stunning greeneries, Al Bidda Park is a haven for biodiversity such as being a stop-off point for migratory birds. The plants and flowers also attract butterflies and other pollinating birds. The choice of plants reflects the rich naturally occurring flora of the Middle East region, combined with more exotic specimens.

Set at the northern tip of the park, Wadi Al Sail is a unique valley setting that has become a home for wildlife. After periods of rain, the area turns green with native plants that have adapted to the harsh conditions. As the landscape of the park is still new, visitors are asked to be cautious and gentle of their surroundings.

Pet owners

Al Bidda Park is completely accessible to pets. Pet owners are advised to keep their pets on a leash at all times, and most importantly, bring baggies and a pooper-scoop to clean up after their pets and dispose of the waste in designated waste bins. Barkers & Mittens Pet Boutique is the park’s pet-centric destination, offering dog self-grooming for kids, mobile pet grooming for cats and dogs, doggy day-care, pet food and goods, and a luxury pet hotel.

Places to eat and drink

Many cafes, shops and restaurants can be found at the park. Churro Mia offers a range of delicious crunchy traditional Latin churros and Qatari Luqaimat, along with sandwiches, tacos, mia fries, burritos, teas, coffees, mocktails and other soft drinks also available. Tea Chat offers a variety of hot and cold beverages and a wide range selection of sandwiches that are available for a quick grab and go. Pick & Save supermarket stocks a wide range of items including cold drinks, snacks, sandwiches and treats for your visit. If you have forgotten your sunscreens or sunglasses, this is the place to go.


Al Bidda Park contains a broad range of brand new sporting facilities that are available to use throughout park opening times. In every part of the park, sports facilities are available from football, basketball, volleyball and tennis. There are a total of 12 sports courts and pitches in different locations.

There is an extensive range of dedicated lanes for cycling across the park. Cyclists need to keep to the right, maintain a safe speed, avoid pedestrians and use reflecting safety gear and lights at night. A number of cycles are available at Saikl Qatar or Berg Arabia to take a tour around the park with joyful and healthy peddling.

A special red fitness trail snakes around the most beautiful areas of the park for walkers. In addition, outdoor adult exercise equipment is available at various locations in the park.

The park has a purpose-built sand camel/horse trail, which will open soon.

Opening times: 4 am-midnight

Sports facilities can be booked in advance or by simply walking in to the park office or information centre. Walk-in bookings are subject to availability of the required facility. For more information or bookings, call 4428 7777.

Parking is underground, across the three park areas. Each car park is within easy reach of the park facilities. The car parks are located as follows:

Arumailah Zone – Al Corniche North & Al Corniche South (Al Corniche Street)

Al Bidda Zone – Al Bidda West (Al Rayyan Road) & Al Bidda South (Al Aqsa Street, Al Corniche)

Wadi Al Sail Zone – Wadi Al Sail North & Wadi Al Sail South (Al Istiqlal Street)

Opening times: Open daily from 4 am and closing at midnight on weekdays and 2 am on weekends. Please note that park opening times may vary during the summer period and public holidays.

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