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Swedish massage This Full Body Standard Massage Can Be Invigorating or Relaxing. It Combines Which Is Considered an All-purpose Technique.

60 Minutes QAR 325 and 90 Minutes QAR 450

Aromatherapy Massage Full Body Standard Massage With The Use Of Essential Oils Applied In Long Sweeping Strokes Which Warm The Skin And Muscles To Continue With Deeper Massage, To The Underlying Muscles To Promote Healing And A Feeling Of Well-Being

60 Minutes QAT 325 and 90 Minutes QAR 450

Hot Stone Massage Unique Massage Techniques for face & body Combined with the Use of basilica Hot Stones combined with oils to Release Life’s Tensions and Restore Well-Being.

60 Minutes QAR 400 and 90 Minutes QAR 500

Sports, Deep Tissue Massages This type is dedicated to people who are physically active or participate in sports activity. it is often used for deep muscle and connective tissue. The focus is on relieving muscle pain and improving athletic performance.

60 Minutes QAR 400 and 90 Minutes QAR 500

Thai Massage An Energizing And Rigorous Form Of Massage. The Therapists Move Your Body Into A Series Of Stretches. Muscle Compression, Joint Mobilization and Acupressure putting your body into an elastic loos feeling

60 Minutes QAR 400 and 90 Minutes QAR 460

Qi Signature Balinese Four-Handed Massage It Is A Massage Where Two Therapists Work On You At The Same Time, Mirroring each Other’s’ Movements, With Slow, Detailed Moves of  Varying Pressures Creating A Choreography, To Draw You into Your Most Relaxed State of Mind & Body (with or without hot stone’s)

60 Minutes QAR 450, 90 Minutes QAR 560 and 120 Minutes QAR 620

Slimming Massage & Detoxifying Wrap A Light Exfoliation Is Followed by a Detoxifying Mud Wrap after a Rinse This Replenishing Session Is Concluded with A full Body detox Massage and cellulite reduction to help and help Blood and energy flow.

60 Minutes QAR 450, 90 Minutes QAR 560

Foot Reflexology Massage An Age Old Therapy That Releases Tensions, Toxins, And Blockages From Your System. It Is Performed On The Soles Of Your Feet With The Benefits Felt Throughout Your Whole Body.

30 minutes QAR 200 and 45 minutes QAR 250

INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE A Soothing And Relaxing Massage That Focuses On The Head And Scalp. Techniques Are Used To Release the Stress

30 minutes QAR 200 and 45 minutes QAR 250

Chair BACK PAIN RELIEF A Back Pain Relievers & Hot Herbal Compress To Treat, Comfort & Relieve Lower Back & Shoulder Pain.

30 minutes QAR 200 and 45 minutes QAR 250

Satin shimmer body scrub Body scrub-derived from sea salt & natural sugars, this secret combination, makes your skin moisturized and radiant. Moisturizing oil infused with agave, sandalwood & barley to plump and hydrate, (excellent for sensitive skin).

30 minutes QAR 250 and 60 minutes QAR 365

Hydrating and firming body wrap Exfoliating with sea salts followed by a full body massage with marine gel and a wrap to assist the diffusion of ingredients. Ended up with a lemon oil massage.

45minutes QAR 300 and 60 minutes QAR 425

Contouring & slimming seaweed wrap A light exfoliation is followed by a contouring seaweed wrap that tightens and firms the skin, followed with balsamic hot mint massage to break down fat cells

60 minutes QAR 500 and QAR 5000 for 12 sessions

After-sun body care Perfect ending for a beach day. The application of soothing hydrating & cooling creams enriched with Aloe Vera to help heal sun-burns

30 minutes QAR 200 and 60 minutes QAR 250

Peppermint Mani & Pedissage Using Steaming Towels and Our ‘Peppermint Tootsie Balm’ to Massage the Hands, Feet and Calves, then adding a honey & milk mask to hydrate & treat cracks to a silky touch. A Wonderful Treat

60 minutes QAR 400
Feet only QAR 220
Hands-only QAR 220

Facial massage & skin care

Clarifying & refining facial (cleanse & purify) For those with oily skins, &pimples combined peelings, masks & massage techniques designed to help align facial muscle & tissue

30 minutes QAR 250 and 60 minutes QAR 350

Cellular renewal stimulate & moisturizing facial tailored for those with dry dehydrated skin, to stimulate skin’s radiance. We clean, cellular masks essential oil, q10 vitamins hot and cold stones 

60 minutes QAR 400 and 90 minutes QAR 700

Anti-ageing facial wrinkles and fine lines reduction Designed for mature, devitalized skins, starts with a gentle exfoliation followed by an innovative massage technique, resveratrol mask, to fight wrinkles& fine lines your complexion feels denser, smoother, firmer and younger

60 minutes QAR 400 and 90 minutes QAR 800

DNA repair (collagen firming & pump & Nano fiber) This novel treatment will create enhancing stability. We moister with, nanofiber particles the active ingredients fill up the fine lines & wrinkles to restore an attractive young complex.

60 minutes QAR 400 and 90 minutes QAR 800

Gentlemen’s treatment Designed especially for men, deep pore cleansing treatment. Includes 32 masks 1exfoliation, extractions, and 2 masks purifying & moisturizing to fight wrinkles dullness

90 minutes QAR 475

Qi Signature Rituals 

Bridle Ritual for the bride to be

30 min Satin Shimmer Body scrub.

30 min detox /slimming Body Wrap
20 min silky hair shining Mask &
30Min Radiance Facial
30 Min Revitalizing Eye Treatment
40 Min Peppermint Mani & Pedissage
3 Hrs. – 1000 QAR with Snacks & Drinks
Hair/ Makeup and Nail Colors can be
Added upon request

Gentleman’s Calm Mind Retreat

30 Min Head & Scalp Massage
45 Min Back Pain Relief Ritual
60 min deep tissue massage
With Snacks & Drinks
3 hrs. – 1000 QAR with Snacks & Drinks

Express Care

Add any 20 Minute treatment (LADIES / GENTS) FOR QAR 120 

  1. Rejuvenate Aroma
  2. Facial Express
  3. Oxygen Mask
  4. Anti-Blemish Treatment
  5. Aha Baha Stimulation for Oily Skin
  6. Eye Revitalizer Express Massage
  7. Foot Massage
  8. Back Pain
  9. Indian Head

Opening Hours

Gym & Pool:  5 am–10 pm
Ladies only:  Tuesday, 9 am–1 pm
                      Saturday, 6 pm–9 pm


Main workout area
Weight Machines, Cardio Machines
Free weights, Group exercise Area
Pool, Steam, Jacuzzi, Sauna, Juice bar

For more information and reservations, call 4419 8808 or email

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