Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) is the main provider of specialist healthcare in Qatar and one of the leading hospital providers in the Middle East. HMC’s network is made up of 12 hospitals – eight specialist hospitals and four community hospitals – as well as the national Ambulance Service, home and residential care, and mental health service.

Since Rumailah Hospital first opened in 1957, HMC has significantly expanded its portfolio of hospitals. As Qatar has grown and developed over the recent decades, so too has HMC. This long history of caring for the residents of Qatar ensures HMC is uniquely positioned to understand the specific cultural and healthcare needs of the population, and provide the best possible care.

The dedicated clinical teams at HMC deliver a wide range of specialist healthcare services to patients. These services differ to those provided at primary health centres as they diagnose and treat complex cases that cannot be treated in a primary care setting.

How can you get an appointment at a Hamad Medical Corporation hospital?
Getting an appointment is simple and convenient, just follow the steps below:

> Visit your primary healthcare provider (Primary Health Care Corporation or private clinic). Your primary care doctor will refer you to HMC if specialist care is required.

• Referrals from private clinics need to be taken in person to the relevant HMC hospital.

• Referrals from PHCC health centres are made automatically.

> Once your referral has been received by HMC, you will be sent an SMS acknowledging receipt.

> When an appointment becomes available you will be contacted with the date, time and location. Once processed, you will also receive an appointment notification by SMS.

> You will receive an appointment reminder SMS five days before your appointment and another SMS one day before.

Do you have to pay for services at HMC?
Qatar residents with a valid Qatar ID and health card are entitled to heavily subsidised consultations and prescriptions. Without these documents patients will be charged a higher fee for services. Emergency medical services are provided free of charge.

How can you contact HMC?
HMC’s dedicated customer service team, Nesmaak, is available to help with all questions and inquiries. Nesmaak teams are on hand in all HMC hospitals to assist patients and visitors and they can also be contacted via telephone 16060 or email [email protected] Nesmaak staff speak many languages to make your experience as smooth as possible.

Operating hours: Sunday – Thursday 7 am – 10 pm, Friday 2 pm – 10 pm, Saturday 10 am – 6 pm.


HMC Hospitals

Hamad General Hospital
One of the leading tertiary hospitals in the region, offering highly specialised care. The 600-bed facility offers a wide range of medical care and clinical services, including trauma, emergency medicine, paediatrics, critical care, specialised and sub-specialised surgery, specialised medicine, laboratory medicine, diagnostic imaging, and adult rehabilitation services.

National Center for Cancer Care and Research
This 60-bed hospital specialises in the delivery of diagnosis, treatment and management for the care of people with cancer and blood disease. Advanced technology combined with teams of specialists and highly trained staff work together to offer high-quality healthcare tailored to patients’ individual needs.

Ambulatory Care Center
The centre offers patients an exciting new approach to surgical and clinical care in Qatar, providing day care surgery, some inpatient surgical care and clinical care in a single dedicated location. This means that within 23 hours of receiving surgery or a medical procedure, patients will be able to leave hospital and recover in the comfort of their own home.

​Women’s Wellness and Research Center
Women’s Wellness and Research Center is the region’s largest tertiary hospital dedicated to providing women in Qatar with specialised care through all stages of their lives. The hospital offers a range of surgical and clinical services from preconception to childbirth, post-natal care and beyond. At the centre of this care is a passionate multidisciplinary team of highly trained clinicians specialising in gynaecology, obstetrics, and newborn care.

Heart Hospital
Heart Hospital is a modern, state-of-the-art centre committed to delivering high-quality care and treatment for adults with heart conditions. The specialist hospital integrates all cardiothoracic medical and surgical facilities in one centre, providing 116 beds. Heart Hospital is committed to academic health as well as medical education with an active cardiology fellowship programme, and a strong commitment to the education of residents, fellows and specialists.

Communicable Disease Center
The Communicable Disease Center is a specialist tertiary centre that aims to support and treat patients with a spectrum of communicable diseases. It has been purpose built with the mission to detect, treat and prevent infectious diseases in Qatar, particularly those of public health importance. Its highly specialised team of doctors, nurses and allied health professionals provide consultations and treatments for patients who have infections that are often beyond the scope of primary and other secondary care services.

Al Khor Hospital
A 110-bed facility providing healthcare services to the growing population in the northern region of Qatar. Opened in 2006, Al Khor was the first Hamad hospital outside of Doha. The hospital offers patients treatment in a pleasant and modern environment, with the wide range of clinical departments ensuring advanced care.


Al Wakra Hospital
Al Wakra Hospital provides healthcare services for the rapidly growing towns of Al Wakra and Mesaieed to the south of Qatar. Al Wakra Hospital provides patients with safe, high-quality care in an efficient way. The opening of the hospital has meant that people from the Al Wakra community no longer need to travel to Doha as the care is readily available here at home.

The Cuban Hospital
Located in Dukhan in the west of Qatar, this hospital is a joint venture project and partnership between the State of Qatar and the Cuban Government. Providing 65 beds and approximately 400 highly qualified Cuban healthcare professionals, the hospital is equipped with state-of-the-art technology serving Dukhan and its surrounding communities. It is a representation of how international partnerships can result in a world-class standard of healthcare service.

Hazm Mebaireek General Hospital
Located in the Industrial Area of Doha, the hospital provides inpatient and outpatient care, surgical services, and emergency care services. With a 14-bed Emergency Department and 118 inpatient and intensive care unit beds, the hospital can treat hundreds of patients each day, providing the best possible care to patients. The hospital welcomes all adult male patients, providing them with access to the highest quality treatment and care within their community. 

Qatar Rehabilitation Institute
Qatar Rehabilitation Institute is the region’s largest tertiary rehabilitation hospital, providing world-class integrated rehabilitation services and the most technologically advanced patient-centred care. At the heart of this care is a passionate multi-disciplinary team of clinicians working together to coordinate and deliver a personalised package of advanced rehabilitation services tailored to every one of their patient’s individual circumstances.

Rumailah Hospital
Rumailah Hospital is Hamad’s longest-serving hospital and provides healthcare services for both acute and long-term rehabilitation patients. It is a multi-speciality teaching hospital with a bed capacity of 570 spread across four sites in the city of Doha. The hospital has been recognised as a leading provider that has been presented with many national and international awards, including the regional Arab Health Awards.

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