The Public Parks Department of the Ministry of Municipality and Environment is responsible for the design, development and maintenance of the country’s public parks, zoos, and other green, open spaces, landscaping, planting and gardening, and other beautification projects.

Al Gharrafa Family Park, Izghawa

Al Gharrafa park

The park opened in 2006 as a family park. With an area of 1,892 sq m, the highlight of the park is its shaded seating areas, shaded children’s play area, water coolers and toilets. The park is also home to many trees, plants and flowers.

Al Khor Public Park, Al Khor

Al Khor Park

The park first opened in 1983 with an area of 237,208 sq m and then reopened in 2014, after rehabilitation. It includes water coolers, toilets, children’s play area, basketball and football courts, outdoor theatre / amphitheater, restaurants, cafeterias, water fountains and more. The park also includes special attractions such as farm animals, birds, an internal train, and at least 42 various species of trees, plants and flowers.

Al Shamal Family Park, Al Shamal

Al Shamal Family Park

The park opened in 2016 covering 11,930 sq m, consisting of a shaded children’s play area and pergolas with shaded seating, water fountains, basketball and football courts, bathrooms, water coolers, cafeterias and restaurants, and a mosque.

Simaisma Park, Simaisma

Simaisima park

The park first opened in 1991 in an area of 5,099 sq m and then reopened in 2013 after rehabilitation covering 9,477 sq m. The park includes water coolers, toilets, shaded children›s play area, and pergolas with shaded seating. The park’s highlight is its botanical garden, which contains distinctive canary palm trees, date palm trees, Sidr trees, Parkinsonia trees, tecoma shrubs, and many other shrubs, perennial plants and seasonal flowers.

Al Thumama Family Park, Al Thumama North

Al Thumama park

The family park opened in 2014. In an area of 3,969 sq m, the park includes water coolers, shaded seating, children’s play area, a football court, water fountain, and various trees, plant and flowers.

Sheehaniya Park, Al Sheehaniya

Sheehaniya park

The 10,000 sq m park first opened in 1995 and reopened in 2014 in an area of 26,069 sq m after rehabilitation. It’s one of the country’s most popular family parks with toilets, shaded seating, football court, an outdoor theatre, and free Wi-Fi. The park is also home to many distinctive wild trees, shrubs and seasonal flowers.

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