About Primary Health Care Corporation 

Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) operates 26 health centres across Qatar, delivering community-based primary care services to Qatar’s population in all parts of the country. These primary health centres provide a wide range of preventative, diagnostic and treatment healthcare services, including dental, antenatal care, immunisation, pharmacy, ophthalmology, audiology, radiology and wellness.

Primary health centres should be the first point of contact for patients with non-emergency conditions (patients with emergency conditions should visit an HMC emergency department or call 999 for an ambulance). If your primary care doctor determines that more specialist care is required they will refer you to an HMC hospital.

How can you get an appointment at a primary health centre?
All expatriate residents of Qatar can register at their local health centre when obtaining a health card. Qatari nationals can make an appointment at any primary health centre. 

To get an appointment at the health centre you are registered at, follow either of the steps below:

• Visit your registered health centre in person to arrange an appointment.

• Call the PHCC customer services team, Hayyak, on 107 and they will schedule an appointment for you.

How can you contact Primary Health Care Corporation?
PHCC’s dedicated customer service team, Hayyak, is available to assist you with any enquiries 24 hours a day by telephone on 107.

Do you have to pay for services at primary health centres?
Qatar residents with valid health cards are entitled to subsidised consultations and prescriptions.

Sidra Medicine

Sidra Medicine is an ultramodern, academic medical centre providing specialised healthcare to women, children and young persons in Qatar. It is a private hospital for public benefit. Established by Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development, Sidra Medicine embraces best practice medical education, innovative biomedical and clinical research and discovery, and exceptional patient and family focused care.

How can you get an appointment at Sidra Medicine?
Sidra Medicine accepts referrals from all healthcare providers in Doha, including Hamad Medical Corporation, Primary Health Care Corporation and private healthcare institutions.
In addition, its Women’s Services also accepts self-referrals.

Self-referrals to Sidra Medicine for Women’s Services:

• If you would like to refer yourself for an Obstetrics, Gynaecology or Maternal Fetal Medicine appointment, call Women’s Services on 4003 7113, email [email protected] or visit sidra.org/women for more information.

• Sidra Medicine also has a Women’s Obstetrics Triage and an Urgent Care Clinic, which treats moderate to serious health issues for women relating to pregnancy and the female reproductive system.

• If you want to refer for Sidra Medicine’s Perinatal Mental Healthcare service, ask for the Women’s Wellbeing Clinic by calling the Sidra Medicine Hotline 4003 3333 and requesting an appointment.

Do you have to pay for services at Sidra Medicine?
Patients accessing Women’s Services such as maternity, gynaecology and fetal-maternal care will be charged for the care they receive at Sidra Medicine. For details on payment rates for specific services, contact Sidra Medicine directly.

How can you contact Sidra Medicine?
For general inquiries about Sidra Medicine, call their contact centre on 4003 3333

Sidra Medicine also has a dedicated Women’s Care Coordination Team (WCCT) who can be contacted on 4003 7113 or [email protected] for information related to self-referrals, tours of the maternity wards or ante-natal classes for patients. Operating hours for WCCT: Sunday – Thursday, 7 am – 3 pm.

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