Hamad International Airport (airport code: DOH) is an architectural masterpiece where innovation and beauty combine. The airport has been designed with traveller experience in mind. The result is a world- class facility, where the concept of hospitality underpins everything. It is evident, in the 137 extra wide check-in aisles, the high-speed security clearance, the abundance of service desks, the trolleys for hand baggage, and much more.

Qatar’s previous airport, Doha International Airport, is now being used by Qatar Aeronautical College and Gulf Helicopters. In the future, officials hope to convert a portion of the old airport into grassy areas and roads. Additionally, though information is updated every issue, details can change. So it is always advisable to check with the airline well in advance for up to date information.

For details on visas, residence permits and entry requirements, visit e-Government portal Hukoomi and Hamad International Airport website.

Citizens of 33 countries (see below) can get a tourist visa on arrival in Qatar, which is valid for one month. Citizens from countries not listed must arrange a visa prior to travel, sponsored by a Qatari embassy or Qatar-based hotel. Other visas include business visit, an official visit and a work visa. Eligible Qatari companies may apply for these visas in advance of your visit. Visit the Ministry of Interior website or the Hukoomi for details.

Qatar Visas on Arrival Countries

Residents and citizens of other GCC countries – Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia and the UAE – can get a one month visa on arrival, subject to conditions and provided the applicant’s profession is one of those approved by the Ministry of Interior. The visa will only be issued if your residence permit is valid for at least six months and if your profession (as mentioned on your residence permit) appears on the approved list.

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All expatriates living and working in Qatar must have a residence permit or a visit-to-work visa. Health insurance has now become compulsory for all visitors to the country. Requirements can change, so it is always prudent to check with the Qatari Embassy or airline well in advance of your visit.

Things to avoid

  • Don’t approach a passport control counter if you’d like to pay your visa fee in cash. The passport control counters can only accept credit cards and debit cards. Use the designated bank counter for cash payment.
  • Don’t commence your journey before confirming visa requirements. This will help minimise any inconvenience or delays during travel.
  • If for any reason you’re denied entry into Qatar, then the Ministry of Interior and your airline will provide guidance and assistance.

eCash cards
If you’re eligible for a visa on arrival visit the Immigration desk and pay any appropriate fees using your credit or debit card. If you would like to pay in cash please visit the designated eCash office operated by Qatar National Bank (QNB) before approaching Immigration.

Entry visas
Tourist entry visa: One month – QAR100 plus QAR50 for each c* (companion registered on the passport). Issued at the airport for nationals of 33 countries.

Tourist entry visa (sponsored): One month – QAR100.

GCC residents visit visa: One month with an extension period of three months – QAR100 plus QAR50 for
each c* per month, subject to conditions.

Joint tourist visa for Qatar and Oman: One month costs QAR100 with an extension period of a month.
Business entry visa: There are two types: A 72-hour visa issued on arrival and an extendable visa for up to three months (apply in advance).

Family visit visa: One month to a maximum of six months – QAR200 plus QAR50 for each c* per month.
Expatriates with family status can bring parents and siblings on a visit of up to six months (up to three months for other relatives). A Medical Commission check-up is necessary to extend the visa beyond one month (within 72 hours of arrival).

Conversion of entry visa to visit/work/residence visas: QAR500 (without leaving the country).
Visit gov.qa to ensure you get the latest information and fees as they do change from time to time.

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eGate cards
Arriving or departing residents can bypass immigration formalities by using an eGate card at designated gates at the Hamad International Airport.

Priority processing
All Al Maha customers, special assistance travellers and unaccompanied minors receive priority processing on arrival at Hamad International Airport.

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