The Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME) Public Parks Department is responsible for the design, development and maintenance of public parks in Qatar. There are at least 92 public parks across Qatar. Doha is home to at least 38 parks, followed by 29 in Al Rayyan, three in Al Sheehaniya and five in Umm Slal. Entrance is generally free.

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5/6 Park

Located in Onaiza, the 5/6 Park contains open green space of about 107,000 sq m, including about 11,800 sq m of small shrubs and tree fences, in addition to 1,500 trees. In the heart of the park is a plant maze spread across 6,500 sq m shaped as the map of Qatar. Next to the maze is a 3,000 sq m hill about 5 m above ground level. The park includes many facilities, including restaurants, cafes, toilets and prayer areas, garden furniture, lighting poles, shaded areas for families, play areas for children and games suitable for different ages, designated areas for celebrations and spaces to display artwork. The park also includes exercise areas, 1.3 km pedestrian path, 1.3 km jogging path and an 880 m cycle path, in addition to bicycle parking slots. The park hosts a collection of artwork including ‘Al Somoud’ designed by Qatari artists Faisal Al Hajri, and two others from the collection of Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art – ‘Poem’ (1963–65) and ‘Poem in Three Verses’ (1963–65) by Lebanese sculptor and painter Saloua Raouda Choucair. Google Maps location

Al Abraj Park 

al abraj park doha qatar

Located in Onaiza, Al Abraj Park, which means towers, offers a variety of activities, including a green central events area, an exercise area and a walking track built with recycled rubber and local Qatari materials. The park also includes a cafeteria, toilets, tree-shaded seats and wooden pergolas. The park covers 5,800 sq m and houses 130 different and distinctive types of trees. The bushes cover about 240 sq m while the grass covers about 3,500 sq m of garden area. To date, 76 km of pedestrian and cycle paths have been completed, and other works such as landscaping, tree planting, street furniture, lighting and kiosks are still ongoing. Google Maps location

Al Bayt Stadium Park
Adjacent to Al Bayt Stadium in Al Khor is Al Bayt Park, which has a total area of around 1,331,900 sq m. It includes a park, a water body, 56,000 sq m of pedestrian walkways, a 4,415 m-long running track, a 3,444 m-long cycling track, and a car parking area that can accommodate up to 6,000 vehicles and 300 buses, among other facilities. The park itself occupies a space of 944,000 sq m and has 369,585 sq m of green areas, including playgrounds. The park has 1,050 trees and six restaurants in addition to 10 locations for mobile cafes and fast food joints. It has 54 light columns powered by solar energy and a number of kids’ play areas and games besides other facilities such as toilets and playgrounds. Located near the entrance is the barbecue kiosk, where diners will find a delicious selection of grills on the menu. Guests can also purchase raw marinated grills and grill them using one of the three equipped outdoor grill stations. Kiosks open from Tuesday to Saturday 12:30 pm – 10 pm. Google Maps location

Al Bidda Park  

Bordering Al Corniche Street, Al Bidda Park is Qatar’s first pet-friendly park and the biggest green space in the country. For those more active, there are opportunities galore: running and cycling tracks, a human maze, gymnasiums, outdoor exercise equipment, basketball, volleyball and tennis courts, an open theatre that seats 850 people, as well as playgrounds, barbecue areas and beautiful landscaping. A variety of bike rentals are available at the park’s two bike rental shops. There are also buggies to help visitors move around the park comfortably. The park is approximately 1.25 mn sq m and has underground parking spaces for 6,000 cars. Pet owners are free to use the park but should ensure their pet is kept on a lead at all times, and to bring their own bags and pooper-scooper as these are not available in the park.

Opening times: Open daily from 4 am. Park closing times are at midnight during the week and at 2 am on weekends. Barbecue stands are available for rental at QAR50 per four hours. Admission: Free. Contact: 4428 7709, 4428 7777, 5028 0404 (Saikl Bike). Google Maps location

Al Khor Corniche
The first and second zones of Al Khor Corniche Development Project opened in March 2018 to the public. The third zone is still underway. The three zones will cover an area of about 28,000 sq m, featuring 6,000 sq m of green spaces, play areas, 116 parking spaces, 256 seats and 46 umbrellas. Google Maps location

Al Khor Family Park (Al Khor Park and Zoo)
The new and improved Al Khor Family Park reopened in February 2020. The park, which first opened in 1983, closed in November 2019 for maintenance and redevelopment purposes. The 240,000 sq m park features a zoo, battery-operated train, restaurant, mosque, museum, mini golf area, wall mural, skating area, children’s play area, basketball court, food kiosks, drinking fountains, and an amphitheatre. One of the park’s main attractions is the mini zoo, which includes seven new sections with a large number of different birds and animals. There are 290 new animals, bringing the total number of animals to 315 (49 different species). There’s also an aviary, which contains a waterfall, and a lake, and is home to different birds. The park is a wonderful destination for those who want to spend some quality time away from the city rush.

Opening times: Daily 4 am – 10 pm. Admission: QAR15 for adults; QAR10 for children under the age of 10 and persons with special needs. QAR50 to feed animals. Train ride: QAR5 per person and free for persons with special needs. Contact: 4426 5050  Google Maps location

Al Legtaifiya Park  

Parks in Qatar Doha
Al Legtaifiya Park, Zone 66, is an inclusive playground and the latest breakthrough for Accessible Qatar, a Sasol initiative designed to support inclusion and accessibility for people with disabilities in the local community. Sasol wanted to provide a solution for children with disabilities unable to play on playgrounds to be able to play with their friends. They found the right solution through the inclusive playground equipment. Information about accessibility of venues in Qatar is now available through the Accessible Qatar App. Google Maps location

Al Tawasul Traditional Park
The park is a miniature version of Al Khor Family Park. The 28,500 sq m park is home to a number of animals and birds. The mini-zoo is divided into two sections, with 10 glass cages and one giant cage with bridges, trees and nests. The park also boasts a room for vets to treat animals, as well as space to prepare their meals. The park is home to quarantine rooms and a laboratory for observation. This family-only park has a train, a children’s play area, a basketball court, amphitheatre and skating area, among other offerings. Electronic ticketing gates have been installed to facilitate visitors access to the park.

Opening times: Daily 4 am – 10 pm. Admission: Free. Contact: 4426 5050 Google Maps location

Al Wakra Park (Al Wakra Public Garden)
A large landscaped park with different ornamental plants, as well as palm and olive trees, at the end of Al Aurouba Street and near Al Wakra beach. There are plenty of trees providing shaded sitting areas, a children’s play zone and a large pool next to the cafeteria. Google Maps location

Aspire Park

One of Qatar’s biggest parks is behind Hyatt Plaza with a vast expanse of green lawn and baobab trees, a large lake with ducks and geese, football fields, a multi‑surface 3 km walking/jogging track and fitness equipment. There is plenty of parking and free Wi‑Fi. Aspire Play Park has two sandy areas, fitness stations and paved areas for cycling, roller‑skating and skateboarding, which can still be used at nighttime thanks to solar‑powered lighting. The ‘smart park’ has introduced the first smart benches, which use renewable energy and advanced technology, providing wireless chargers, USB ports, Wi-Fi access point and an integrated cooling system which keeps seating cool during the hot summer days.

Opening times: Park: daily 24 hours; restaurants and restrooms: 8 am – 10 pm; lifeguard: 6 am – 10 pm. Admission: Free. Contact: 4413 8188. Google Maps location

Barzan and Simaisma Olympic Parks
A new concept to Qatar, the Barzan and Simaisma Olympic Parks feature swimming pools, fountains, football fields, walking tracks and many more activities. Both parks have green areas, restaurants, kids zone, football grounds, tennis courts, basketball court, swimming pool, cycling track, fountains, walking lanes and toilets. The Barzan Park is located in Umm Slal Ali; the Simaisma Park is behind the Simaisma Youth Centre at Simaisma, near Al Khor. Google Maps location

Crescent Park
Spreading over an area of 275,000 sq m, the park features a unique design to provide an exceptional experience of Lusail City’s sustainable parks with the use of recycled water to irrigate green areas. The park has old waterways, bicycle and pedestrian tracks, and shaded areas, as well as public squares, seating areas, a forest and children’s play areas. Sports facilities include a large football field, two acrylic basketball courts, two beach volleyball courts, three acrylic tennis courts and other facilities. The park has two large restaurants, 530 parking spaces, direct access to Lusail Tram system, and easy access to the park directly from all areas of the city.

Opening times: Open 24/7. Admission: Free. Contact: 4497 7770, Google Maps location

Dahl Al Hamam Park  
Close to Landmark Mall, on the corner of Arab League and Al Markhiya Streets, this large park has a subtle modern design, calm ambience and more than 50 varieties of trees. The gardens have an extensive children’s play area, a bicycle track, a football ground and basketball court. The park also boasts a cave and a newly-constructed maze, representing the streets of old Doha to discover traditional Qatari games. Amenities include cafeterias and toilets. Closed in the morning. For families only. Google Maps location

Doha Corniche  
A popular destination for strollers and joggers as the path curves along the waterfront from the port to the Hotel Park at the Sheraton Grand Doha Resort & Convention Hotel. The Corniche is one of the most beautiful in the Middle East, with its many grassed areas and views across the turquoise water of Doha Bay. There are bicycles available for rent, a children’s play area, fitness stations, café and restaurants, and free Wi‑Fi. Traditional dhow boats dock along the 7 km‑long Corniche for visitors to enjoy a ride on the sea during the day or night. Google Maps location

Hotel Park  


Situated adjacent to Sheraton Grand Doha Resort & Convention Hotel, Hotel Park provides 80,000 sq m of park space, with over 34,500 sq m of green space, equivalent to more than five football pitches of green grass to play on. It offers a relaxing escape to enjoy picnics, play areas and outdoor family gatherings with family friendly playgrounds with 17 activities and fitness zones with 12 challenges. It’s one of Qatar’s few pet-friendly parks. Hotel Park has food and beverage outlets offering a diverse palette of authentic cuisine and desserts. To add to an impressive garden and restaurant offering, Hotel Park has four levels of underground parking with access to Doha Exhibition and Convention Center (DECC) through an underground tunnel link. Hotel Park’s comprehensive paid parking has over 2,500 spaces spread over four underground levels with entrances to Al Corniche Street, Al Funduq Street and Al Majlis Street.

Opening times: Open 24/7. Admission: Free. Contact: 4456 7665, 5597 8387, Google Maps location

Katara Hills
Set over 361,500 sq m of green spaces, Katara Hills is divided into Northern and Southern Hills with at least 3,300 plants and trees from different continents, featuring gardens and green meadows with manmade rolling hills, valleys, peaks, water features, play areas, exercise and jogging tracks, with bespoke urban art installations, lighting, outdoor furniture, and signages. Within Katara Hills is the colourful Katara Gardens, which is 32,700 sq m of flowers, plants and lawns in geometric shapes and styles with 225 trees from different countries.

Opening times: Open 24/7. Admission: Free. Contact: 182, 4408 0000,

Lusail City, Marina Promenade
The promenades along the Marina District and South Qetaifan Islands form the urban waterfront edges. Seating is planned along the water with views out to the sea, in addition to walkways, restaurants and access to marinas. The promenade also features various musical water and light fountains as well as oversized outdoor chess sets.

Opening times: Open 24/7. Admission: Free. Contact: 4497 7770,

MIA Park
The MIA Park can be accessed through the Museum of Islamic Art (MIA) or from the Port Road entrance on Al Corniche Street. Designed by PEI Partnership Architects of New York, it features ‘7’, a vertical steel sculpture by internationally acclaimed American artist Richard Serra, his first piece of public art in the Middle East. Plants indigenous to Qatar have been used and pedestrian pathways are shaded by the use of hills and ‘swails’ (sail shading). There are playground areas for children, and consideration for those with special needs or requiring wheelchair accessibility. Year‑round public activities include film screenings, sports events, storytelling programmes and art workshops. Cafés and kiosks sell snacks and souvenirs. The Park Bazaar is held every Friday (2 pm – 8 pm) and Saturday (noon – 8 pm) from October to April/May with stalls selling food, arts and crafts, clothing, souvenirs, etc. Bicycle rentals are available.

Opening times: The park’s cafes are open daily 3 pm – midnight, while the children’s play areas are open 24/7. Admission: Free. Contact: 4422 4444, Google Maps location

Oxygen Park
Located in Education City, Oxygen Park has been inspired by the wind eroded rocks and fluid land formations of the desert. The running tracks are embedded creating an exciting training ground with looping tracks, cooled tunnel sections and steep hills. The park features running tracks, equestrian facilities, underground pitches, recreation areas and soundscape-filled, refreshing folly spheres.  

Located within Oxygen Park, the Qur’anic Botanic Garden is the first of its kind in the world, home to at least 60 plant species mentioned in the Holy Quran, and those in the Hadith and Sunnah, the sayings and traditions of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The display gives an explanation of the significance of every plant’s mention in the Holy Quran, as well as their scientific explanations. Date palm, olive, fig, citron, senna, ginger, aloe, camphor and other plants have been included. 

Opening times: 6 am – 10 pm. Admission: Free. Contact: 4454, Google Maps location

Simaisma Park
The park first opened in 1991 with an area of 5,099 sq m and then reopened in 2013, after maintenance and rehabilitation, covering 9,477 sq m. The park includes water coolers, toilets, a shaded children’s play area, and pergolas with shaded seating. The park’s highlight is its botanical garden, which contains distinctive canary palm trees, date palm trees, Sidr trees, Parkinsonia trees, tecoma shrubs, perennial plants and seasonal flowers. Google Maps location

The Desert Park
The family park opened in April 2019 in Al Sheehaniya for families. The 13,804 sq m park is distinctive as it is designed in the form of a desert tree. It has 62 different types of wild trees and a 400 m walkway. The park also has a mini zoo with a number of different types of animals like oryx and gazelle. There are also 12 designated pergolas for barbecues, a shaded children’s play area, sitting areas, two exercise areas, and restrooms for men and women. Google Maps location

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