Qatar has a number of specialised state facilities at the secondary education level and beyond. These schools specialise in certain areas of the curriculum to boost the achievement of students in a particular discipline.

Aspire Academy was established in 2004 to provide sports training and high quality education to students with sporting potential. The original intake of students in 2003–4 included 31 football players, aged 12 – 18. Aspire typically works with 6,000+ children aged 6 – 12 through sport and football skill development and talent identification programmes throughout the country as a preliminary step towards future Academy scholarships. The Academy also runs Multi-Sport Skills Development Centers across Qatar. 

Josoor Institute was inspired and developed by the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy. It addresses the Supreme Committee’s strategic goal to ‘build high quality talent and establish a centre of excellence’ and is designed to deliver world-class education and training to the people of Qatar, the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). The Josoor Institute is training many of the people who will play an integral role in Qatar’s hosting of the 2022 FIFA World Cup™. These individuals will then have the knowledge to deliver large-scale sporting and non-sporting events across the region long after 2022. The Josoor Institute aims to be a catalyst for transforming the sports and events industries in the region and set new standards globally.

Qatar Leadership Academy (QLA) is a member of Qatar Foundation (QF). Located in Al Mazroua close to Meqdam Military Camp and founded in 2005 with an innovative partnership between QF and the Qatar Armed Forces, QLA is offering a US Diploma programme (MSA). It accepts male Arabic speaking cadets aged 11 – 16 (Grades 7–12), regardless of nationality. Cadets are admitted only after entrance exams in Arabic, English and Mathematics, followed by an interview and, finally, a fitness assessment. 4043 9298

Qatar Leadership Centre (QLC) launched its first Current and Future Leaders Programme for those aged 25 – 35 in 2011 and has added additional programmes since. It is open to both male and female Qatari nationals. QLC’s National Leadership Program mandate is to provide leadership training to selected Qataris with proven abilities, who gain admission to the Programme in a competitive, merit-based process. Through the National Leadership Programme, those highly-qualified Qataris selected to participate receive significant benefits, such as customised leadership education taught by global leaders, and professional and personal skills development. 4019 4444


The first batch of 14 nannies graduated from the Qatar Nanny Training Academy (QNTA) in 2014. Initiated by QF, the Academy aims to educate Muslim Arabic-speaking nannies that have the capacity to teach Islamic values. Students on the 10-month programme are drawn from Arab countries; the training includes specialised courses in all aspects of childcare, including first aid, nutrition, hygiene, education, and Arabic, Islamic and cultural studies. 4454 7351

Education Service Law No 18 of 2015
Governs any individual or entity which provides education services and/or training in the fields of languages, computing, secretarial, accounting and/or business administration; such services and/or training to be provided in centres.

  • Educational centres cannot advertise/announce that they are opening or accept any students until a licence is approved.
  • Educational centres should have separate premises in which they operate; the licence will be issued for those premises.

Penalties for violation of the above laws include imprisonment of up to six months and/or a penalty of QAR100,000 and/or cancellation of the licence.

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